I’ m heading off to Yellowstone tomorrow, the mother ship of all national parks, and perhaps America’s best idea it has given to the world so far. I wonder what her next one will be…

Anyway, I will be a guest artist/vendor in the Yellowstone General Stores Pathways at Yellowstone program at their main store in Old Faithful from Sunday May 31-Tuesday June 2, so it very much feels like a coming home journey to return to the park in this capacity. From there I will make many sales visits en route home, with camera and journal ready to capture anything that comes to light and  mind.

Yellowstone has played a huge role in reawakening my heart and soul and purpose over the years, and I look forward to what it may reveal to me on this journey. It will be awesome to meet so many other park enthusiasts, share my love and knowledge of this magical wild place, and learn from others what makes it such a special place to them. The same goes for reconnecting with and running into friends and former colleagues, who also have Yellowstone in their blood, and call it home seasonally or year-round.

Check back for new blog postings toward the end of next weekend or on June 8 at the latest. I am on somewhat of a poetry trajectory at the moment, but inspiration flowing from wild places may influence me to post otherwise.

In the meantime, here’s hoping you’ll also get outside, and enjoy and make the most of that beautiful place wherever you call home. See you in a week or so, and travel well.