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Solstice Sabbatical

After two back-to-back journeys to Yellowstone in less than that many weeks, this week is proving to be one for digesting and reflecting upon these experiences, with the aim of posting something new here by June 25. Stay tuned, and please check back then. In the meantime, happy solstice!


  1. Leslie

    Hi Hobie, nice that you are in Yellowstone. I’ll get there more this summer and do some backpacking when I board my dog. I just got word that they finished trapping and collaring grizzlies in the valley here. They collared 15 this year! The last time I heard about was 2 years ago, when they collared 8. I’d been seeing tracks on every trail, sometimes just an hour behind me. Enjoy. everything is emerald green here so the Park must be awesome.

  2. Hobie

    Hi Leslie,

    Glad you’ve been seeing grizz tracks and other signs of Greater Yellowstone’s wildness on your walks and hikes.
    All the best for a great and safe season backpacking as well.

    I did a backpacking trip in the Centennials last weekend from the Idaho side, and we nearly stepped on a newborn elk calf that was not terribly far from the trail. We immediately created some distance, wary that its mother might be nearby, but by the next morning the calf was gone, and we never saw its mother.

    Will be backpacking next Th and F nights again (locale TBD) after being the visiting guest artist-photographer at the Yellowstone General Store at Fishing Bridge on Tuesday July 7 and 8. I will be there on those dates from 10-3, so if you’re in the park then, feel free to stop on in and introduce yourself.

    Happy trails and thanks for staying in touch.


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