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Boxes, Walls and Boundaries

We force them into boxes

And toss them up on shelves

We do it to each other

We do it to ourselves.

We think we really know them

And of all that lies inside

But boxes, walls and boundaries

Cannot halt the rising tide.

There really is no “other”,

No him nor her nor me

For all the world’s our brother

Struggling to be free.

An old dark world seeks sameness

Where fear and might make right

Yet a new world is emerging

With six billion unique lights.


  1. Sue Millett

    Hi Hobie – I really like the sentiment of this. I used to write poetry – and I found the discipline and rhythm of using a rhyme actually helped my creativity.
    Best wishes Sue

    • yourlifenature

      Thank you, Sue.

      Often my poetry does just about everything except rhyme, but this piece leaped out at me with a cadence, a style, and most of the words one morning upon awakening. I am still amazed at how several thoughts kicking around in my brain received a magical solution last Friday morning-sometimes we really do our best problem solving and experience creative breakthroughs when we least expect it, so I try to always carry pencil and paper with me, for when the muse strikes.

      Thanks again for visiting, and I am glad you enjoyed the poem.

  2. Dewi Maile Lim

    Aloha Hobie,

    Wonderful message and delivery in rhyme.

    I can hear the words also as verses of a song.

    Mahalo for sharing, Dewi

    • yourlifenature

      Mahalo for your kind comments, Dewi.

      This is one of the few poems I have written (since public school that is) that rhyme, and it came to me more or less all at once about ten days ago upon awakening.

      Glad to hear that it could also be a song, too!


  3. Catherine Stevens

    Hi Hobie,

    A very beautiful and thought provoking poem.

    Catherine Rose Stevens

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