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Who We Are

It drew me in and held me

When I fought to run and hide

A wild vessel that protected and embraced my primal side.

It offered peace and refuge

From an unaccepting world

Its canyons, creeks and forests

Caught my grief and tears unfurled.

Nature showed me courage

To be who I am inside

To live the dream I’d always dreamed

But believed I had to hide.

I dream nature will always be there

Like a certain burning star

That simply just reminds us

“Be exactly who you are.”


  1. Marcy

    Hobie – this is so powerful! Thank you for sharing yourself in such a deep way.

    I hope nature will always be there too – some of the current language around climate change is worrying….

    I’m working on getting more nature in my life – it’s an ongoing goal this year.


    • yourlifenature

      Thanks Marcy,

      Glad that this spoke to you.

      I am confident that nature will always be around.

      We might not be, though, unless we are more pro-active, compassionate, and peaceful in our daily lives, and thinking more deeply about how our actions and inactions really do impact the planet, and future generations.

      It’s a wonderful time to be alive and share our gifts, and to be super nice, nurturing and reciprocal in positive ways to our one and only Mother Earth.

      Thanks for sharing, too, Marcy!


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