Since mid-summer I’ve been creating nature meditation MP3 recordings to help clients connect more deeply and consistently with nature, no matter where they are in life.  

These four meditation recordings are now available as a stand-alone product to support even more people seeking a deeper connection with nature.

Each meditation is accompanied by one of my gorgeous handmade, hand-signed greeting cards that helps listeners maximize their meditation experience.
Kintla Lake Water Meditation, Specimen Ridge Air Meditation, Old and New Growth Meditation, and Grand Prismatic Spring Earth Meditation comprise the package, and it not only makes a lasting and invaluable gift for yourself, but for other nature lovers in your life.

Meditations range from 9 to 12 minutes in length, so they’re perfect for fitting into the workweek, when you’re on the go, and other time when you need to refuel and recharge!

The four-meditation and note card sets are on sale through Sunday November 11, 2012 for $57 including shipping.

After that date, the regular price for having a portable, relaxing set of four different earth element nature meditations and accompanying nature note cards will be $77, so lock in the savings, and bring even more of nature’s wisdom, relaxation, inspiration, and beauty to warm your world as the days grow shorter and colder!

To purchase a set for yourself or for others, click here to contact Hobie

and mention Earth Meditation and Note Card Package in the subject line.