Looking back over this past year, I’ve been blown away by and grateful to have mentored others to consistently and more deeply connect with nature.

It’s extremely rewarding to see clients stretch and grow, and also become more confident and competent in other areas of their lives. Like a stone or pebble tossed into a still pond, ripples and waves expand exponentially out from there, positively impacting their work, home and personal life, as well as their relationships and friendships.

Nature gifts us all with the power to remember, reflect, recharge, and refuel year round, so here’s hoping you’ll also connect more consistently with nature now, and in the new year to come!



Earlier today, a prospective client shared how her ideal vision of a deeper, consistent connection with nature would allow her to be more fully present in the moment in all areas of her life. She had moved recently from a place with plenty of open space and nearby ponds teeming with wildlife, and during our conversation she excitedly remembered how crucial it was for her to reconnect with water in her new environment.

Water provides her with a deep wellspring of peace and tranquility. It grounds her, and gives her strength to be more pro-active in her business and other realms of life. We brainstormed a few ideas for how she could begin doing this until we connect again early next week, and we’re both excited about further exploring the possibilities for potentially working together!



A client I have been working with since May used to spend almost all of her time inside her own home office, or out in suburbia. Before we started working together, she was often feeling tired and run down

Fast forward to late 2012, and she now has regular and consistent time in nature, from mini-connections where she walks along a nearby creek, to weekly trips to her favorite garden, to bigger monthly outings. She also now has easy, doable and affordable ways to come up with nature connection ideas, and equally importantly, to act upon them!

What’s been especially powerful is that she more clearly sees the connection between what she struggles with and what she gains in nature, and how that relates to her work coaching women business owners through their own struggles and triumphs.


Recharging and Refueling.

Another client fulfilled a long-held dream to go on a solo river vision quest, “which didn’t go exactly as planned, but lead to lots of learning”

She felt fully and unconditionally supported prior to, during and after her quest, and reveled in how much she stretched herself beyond what she would have on her own. She returned home recharged and re-invigorated about her discoveries, with new-found ways to relate ordinary life to nature, bringing healing and clarity to her clients.

Another client highlighted the power of recharging and refueling that nature connection mentoring provided her:“I am consistently filling up my ‘internal energy tank’, so I’m relaxed in the moment and refreshed for the week ahead.”

An End of Year Invitation…

Nature connection mentoring is life-changing in myriad ways. It’s also fun, inspiring, and personalized, to help you move from where you are to where you want to be in your relationship with the natural world, and with your own true nature.

I would love to create time to talk with everyone who might be interested in nature connection mentoring.

But due to the nature of the holiday season and my present schedule, I have just five openings for you to have a free, 30-minute, no-obligation Nature Connection Discovery Call

If you want to take action to explore and envision what having more nature in your life would bring you, please e-mail me back right away at hobiemt at yahoo dot com and put YES in the subject line, and leave me your best daytime phone number and e-mail address.

I’ll be back in touch with you to set up our free discovery call for next week, and look forward to supporting you in creating more nature in your life.

Again, there are only five time slots available for this free discovery call, so be sure to respond by Monday December 17 at noon Eastern Standard Time.


I look forward to hearing back from you, and you’re welcome to share this special end of year invitation with other nature-loving people in your life!

Wishing you many opportunities for remembering, reflecting, recharging and refueling at this time of year, and into 2013 and beyond!