Thanks so much for joining Kyrsten Barrett, Harsimrit Kaur and I for our inaugural Spring Into Your Freedom tele-series during this last week of March.

It has been awesome, fun and exciting to have collaborated to bring you this tele-series and we hope you’ll continue to stay in action and take YOUR next BOLD steps to reclaiming and experiencing freedom in all areas of your life.

If you weren’t able to listen to any or all of our three powerful calls, there’s still time to do so between now and Sunday April 7 at 11:59 p.m.EST/9:59 MST.

We encourage you to listen to these three high-content, high-value calls, to keep you inspired and help you stay consistently connected to your nature, your prosperity consciousness, and your soul’s unique path and purpose.
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With blessings of Infinite Freedom,Kyrsten, Harsimrit and Hobie


“Your Soul’s Path to Divine Freedom”

With Kyrsten Barrett

click "display image" above to see imageUnderstanding Your Unique Divine Nature (a.k.a. Your Soul’s Code or Purpose) so that you can take ACTION that is aligned to your SOUL is essential to experiencing freedom.




“Activate Your Divine Prosperity”

With Harsimrit Kaur


click "view image"Cultivating insight, awareness and forgiveness, along with breaking pattern, aligned breath, heart, word and action are all keys to unlocking your own unique Prosperous Mindset to experience and enjoy Full-On Freedom.

“Why Nature Connection Matters

to Your Freedom”

With Hobie Hare

click "view image"Authentic self-expression is essentially intertwined with freedom, but what holds many people back is that they’re uncertain what their own unique way is for taking action and moving forward.


Your life can’t wait. Nature is there for you. You’re ready. Nature is a great ally. You don’t have to struggle with it or against it. You don’t have to go it alone. We are nature. Nature can be our partner in life, if we allow it to be so!