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Open Heart Meditation for The Korean Peninsula-Please Join Us!

If this is my only blog post you read this year, that will make my day, because I cannot think of anything that’s really more important and at stake to world peace than the spiraling escalation of military and fear-driven tensions on the Korean peninsula.

This is no April Foolin’.

You, and collectively all of us, can make a huge difference in how this may all play out.

I hope you’ll join people all over the world on Tuesday April 2 at 10:00 a.m. EST/8:00 a.m. MST and do the following in a way that speaks in alignment with your spirituality, and with your connectedness to everyone and everything with whom we share this fragile, sacred planet.

The earth can certainly go on without us, and that is and always has been our choice. But I invite you to choose  to join us on April 2 at the above time for twenty minutes. There’s no number or bridge line to call, there’s no live-streaming of this event, no website or Facebook page.

Instead, dial into, open and connect with your heart. Please, though, before you “tune in” and send your healing love and light out there:

First, clear any negativity, judgments, personal points of view, identification of some as villains, some as victims, along with other forms of blaming, excusing, justifying from your own heart about this and other conflicts around the world.  We have to first come from a peaceful, loving, forgiving heart, no matter where we are, if anything is to change outside of our hearts in the larger world.

Second, do the same with unconditional peace, love and forgiveness for your immediate and extended families, your community, your city, your state, and your country.

Third, send pure heart energy, with no attachment, with no desired outcome, from your heart, your family’s hearts, your community, state and nation’s hearts, to the hearts of all people in both Koreas. Allow and envision this heart energy to lovingly flow into and through their hearts, and then back to yours, and continue to let it expand from there.

If it helps, pray, or it may be helpful to repeat a phrase that helps you stay in intentional focus. It may also help to close your eyes and imagine your heart wide open with white or golden healing light, and to allow that to reach out to everyone as above, and then back to you, and then to keep expanding.

Spread the word. Believe in your power and your value and that you do and can make a difference. It does start with us, inside each of our hearts.

FDR once said that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Fear gains strength and power when we don’t shine our light and love on it. That’s how all of us become more free, become more love, become more peace. That’s how this one and only planet we call home will become more free, more loving and more peaceful.

We hope to see and be with you in heart tomorrow, and please share and invite others to join us!


  1. Sheri

    This is fab, Hobie. Will be there…thank you so much.
    (Didn’t know you were Reiki 🙂 )
    xoxo SLM

    • yourlifenature

      Thanks so much for being there this morning, Sheri! It was a most amazing, heart-opening and wonderful way to start the day, too!

      Love and light,

  2. MM and Jen Rivera

    Good afternoon Hobie. I have received your notecards twice now from MBN meetings. They are beautiful and I appreciate them very much. Thank you.

    • yourlifenature

      You’re most welcome, Jen! That’s an amazing synchronicity for you to have won a set of my Yellowstone nature note cards twice at MBN meetings, and it’s also great to see and know that you are a horse lover! We have a semi-wild, semi-sweet cat that rules the roost, btw:) Wishing you all the best for a safe and fun summer, and thanks for letting me know how much you’re enjoying the nature and landscape images, too!


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