It was awesome and most inspiring to share with others how to “Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There: Four Fun and Easy Steps to Create Your Powerful Nature Connection Sit Spot, No Matter Where Your Feet Are”.

It was great being able to share such a portable, adaptable, and fun nature connection tool that has positively supported and served so many people,  whether we’re at home, work, rest or play. During the recorded tele-class, we created, envisioned and allowed a nature power spot to enhance and empower our lives. We used all of our senses, and connected deeply with the healing and transformational powers of water in particular.

If you weren’t on the call, you can most definitely benefit from listening to and revisiting this sit spot recording.

My intention is that this recording not only supports your deeper, more consistent connection with the natural world, and with your own authentic nature, but also that it’ll be an evergreen, go-to gift for yourself, so you may continue practicing and experimenting with what works best for you, and become more comfortable with sitting still and allowing nature to work its magic with you, too!
Creating a consistent sit spot place and space can enhance and empower your life in myriad ways.
If you’d like to purchase, receive and enjoy this 30-minute plus recording for an affordable $13.97, click on the Paypal link below, and your Nature Connection Sit Spot Recording will soon be on its way.