Summer is nearly upon us in the northern hemisphere, and here’s hoping you’ll have a safe, fun, adventurous and relaxing outdoor-filled summer with lots of time outside.

From June into September, I’m leading a series of four different themed monthly nature discovery walks.

These late afternoon local outings are perfect for shaking and waking up your mid-week routine, and for creating more regular nature connection opportunities in your life.

I hope you’ll join me on Wednesday June 25 from 4-5:30 p.m. for the first of four Nature Discovery Walks.

I am offering each of these nature connection opportunities for $20 per person, but you can bring along one other friend or family member (elementary school aged and older children are welcome-one per paying adult) for the same total price.

Just click on the PayPal button below to reserve your seat, and we’ll have fun discovering how to partner with nature to create more energy, balance, clarity, peace and joy in your life.

Be sure to bring a small day pack along with water, sunscreen, something to sit on, and something to write with and on, and you’ll be set!

Register early as I have set a maximum group size limit for each outing, and plan on walking/hiking up to two miles over terrain ranging from fairly level to fairly moderate in elevation gain.

We’ll walk/hike rain or shine- here’s the link to sign up:

Each Nature Discovery Walk will have a different built-in theme and focus, with the first one on June 25 being “Discovering Your Own Backyard.”

Also, please mark your calendar for the following mid- week summer Nature Discovery Walks on Wednesdays from 4-5:30 p.m:

Wednesday July 9, 2014 This outing is all about  “Midsummer Day Dreaming”, where we’ll enjoy honing our senses in nature.
Wednesday August 20, 2014 This outing zeroes in on “Big Sky, Big Water”, where we’ll be doing a fun mix of reflective and inspirational activities.
Wednesday September 10, 2014 This outing focuses  on “Harvesting Summer’s Gifts For The Seasons to Come”.Here’s hoping you can join me for as many of these walks as you can, and you are most welcome to share this opportunity with others!Thanks, and may your feet never be far from the natural world that sustains us all…

P.S. Directions and other related information for the June 25 and later Nature Discovery Walks will be emailed upon registration.