This Thanksgiving, I was grateful and happy to announce the arrival of two different nature connection meditation apps, available at both the iTunes and GooglePlay stores.

It’s been a long-time labor of love, time, beta testing and collaboration with my tech guy to bring these apps into the world. It’s also taken considerably longer than anticipated ensuring that everything works seamlessly, complies with hosting platforms, and provides a high-quality nature connection experience for people, no matter where their feet are.

Undertaking and seeing this project through to completion was definitely outside my comfort zone at times. My tech guy, Geoff Pepos, focused on his brilliance, technology, while I focused on mine, content creation. Ultimately we had a lot of fun working together to bring this baby forward, and I now have a stronger degree of techno-patience that didn’t exist before this project started.

A special thanks goes out to friend, colleague and past client Marcy Stahl, who encouraged me to create a multi-media experience to support busy nature lovers connect with the natural world, even when they could not get outside. Thanks Marcy! So get your very own “Nature Boy Free” app, and enjoy connecting with nature, wherever your feet are. These guided meditations and images bring you greater peace and perspective that nature uniquely provides.

Try the Nature Boy free version available on the iTunes store and the GooglePlay store today!

The Nature Boy Free app has two free nature meditations. Additional meditations are available within this app for a one-time fee of 99 American cents!

Once you’re at the iTunes or GooglePlay stores feel free to check out my Nature Boy One app with longer, more varied meditations for a one-time fee of $.99.

If you’d like to share news of the Nature Boy Free app with others, here’s a handy link to my website, where folks can access the iTunes and GooglePlay stores to get theirs: