On December 14, 2020 I welcomed the changing of the seasons and shared a relaxing meditation welcoming winter with the Dunrovin Ranch cybercommunity.

Dunrovin Ranch in Lolo, Montana plays a vital role in connecting an increasing number of people with nature through both in-person and on-line programming.

Dunrovin’s mission to build stronger connections with nature and community has never seemed more important than now, given the uncertainty ongoing political upheavals and related unrest have generated, and an unbridled pandemic now raging in its eleventh month in the U.S.

In my 20-minute chat (recorded nearly three weeks before the events of January 6), I touch on myriad issues and challenges we’re continuing to deal with today.

I also share an uplifting, upbeat meditation helping listeners connect and ground with earth as we move more solidly, courageously and confidently into 2021.

The meditation starts at about the 8:30 mark in the broadcast and ends at about 15:00 if you want to cut right to the chase, but I encourage you to watch the entire segment if you have time to do so.

Dunrovin Ranch owner SuzAnne Miller has graciously given me permission to share this with everyone, so feel free to share and forward this video link with other nature lovers as you like!

P.S. Consider joining the Dunrovin Ranch community for “Monday Socials” with free live programming from sun up to sundown every Monday.  You can also connect with everyone via the Dunrovin Ranch and Dunrovin Birds pages on Facebook.