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Helping people bring more of nature’s contemplative power, energy and stories into their lives through photography is just one of the ways I help people sustain and revitalize their connections to the natural world.

Here’s how I help people and groups connect more consistently with nature:

YourLifeNature™ Mentoring Programs.

These help you connect more fully and deeply with nature, no matter where you are in life. I am passionate in serving as a knowledgeable, skilled, patient experienced mentor and guide to help you make nature connection a vital, harmonious, joyful and peaceful part of your life, too!

My experience as an outdoor and international educator, Yellowstone park ranger, naturalist guide and entrepreneur have helped me create a process that helps you quickly connect with and relax in the beauty of the natural world, and better equips you for navigating life changes, challenges and opportunities through your deepened connection with nature. Learn more in the Work with Hobie section of this website.

Guided Tours of National Parks and Other Protected Places.

I lead tours with a select number of reputable, commercially permitted travel companies to Yellowstone and other protected places in the Northern U.S Rockies, Great Plains, Pacific Northwest and Desert Southwest.  These include custom as well as catalog departures, so please contact me if you desire more information. Thank you!

Speaker, Trainer, Event and Retreat Facilitator. 

Nature is waiting for you to show up and be present, no matter where your feet are, and I help people and groups bring this to life in practical and meaningful ways. In June 2017 I co-led an inaugural Yellowstone LGBT Retreat through the Yellowstone Forever Institute at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch, and we intend to offer similar retreats there and elsewhere moving forward. I am experienced at speaking with, engaging and inspiring a wide variety of audiences on life and nature connection themes and topics.

If you’re ready to learn from nature and embrace change more confidently, courageously and pro-actively
, remember that there’s help from people who are traveling a similar life path to yours, who are a ways further down the road.

Be your bad-ass independent, natural, true, authentic self. The world is waiting, and it is indeed a lonelier and darker world without each and every one of our lights shining. Nature connection helps us cut through b.s. and overwhelm, and focus on what’s really important in our lives.

And the best part is that it’s never too late to get started!

Hobie Hare

“I have had the honor of working with Hobie and can promise you that your perspective about the powerful force of nature will be forever changed.  After learning through Hobie, my experience of the natural world in turn has helped me more fully accept and embrace my own natural gifts, and this has all dramatically changed my view of life. If you are seeking a place to Explore, Become, and Live Your True Natural Self, Hobie is your guide. ”

– Harsimrit Kaur Khalsa – Seattle, WA 

“Hobie was a great sounding board for me during a challenging time. He is an insightful, non-judgmental, and empathetic listener and guide. Hobie’s methods helped me slow down, get in touch with my priorities, and have glimpses of clarity.”

– C.B. – Missoula, MT

“Hobie offers a tuned balance of self-exploration and experiential education in the natural world. He draws upon his own personal connection to nature and human experience evoking meaningful bonds between body, mind and Earth. Through the recognition of beauty he attaches greater meaning to the lives we lead and the love we feel.”

– Pete Mueller, National Park Service Ranger, Anchorage, Alaska