“You know they say that if you imagine peace and calm, your body experiences it. Well, Hobie’s audio course, “Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!” really brought me to a space of balance and calmness. And best yet? I was sitting at my desk. No need to go anywhere, and most importantly, do anything but breathe”.

-Maureen Calamia


This portable, adaptable nature connection tool and recording (“Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!”) powerfully supports and serves people in consistently creating, envisioning and allowing a nature sit spot to enhance our lives.

Through this 35-minute recording,  you’ll use all of your senses, and connect more deeply with the healing and transformational powers of water in particular. Please do not drive or operate any vehicle while you are enjoying this, and the same goes for operating heavy machinery. This is a recording meant to be enjoyed and experienced when we are not multi-tasking:)

My intention is that this recording not only supports your deeper, more consistent connection with the natural world, but also that it’ll be an evergreen, go-to gift for yourself, so you may continue practicing and experimenting with what works best for you, and become more comfortable with sitting still and allowing nature to work its magic with you, too!

Creating a consistent sit spot place and space can enhance and empower your life in myriad ways.