If you’d like to travel virtually behind the scenes and learn more about some of our most iconic national parks, purchase my downloadable “Yellowstone and Other Stories!” a four-segment series you can have ongoing access to and enjoy with others.

Throughout my nature-minded career, I served as a Yellowstone ranger for eight seasons and a naturalist guide for the Yellowstone Institute for six seasons. I’ve been leading guided tours to Yellowstone and other national parks since 2007.

National parks are unique and irreplaceable, and for most of us they are a once-in-a-lifetime destination.

And even if you’re not thinking about traveling at the moment, you can learn more about these iconic national parks in anticipation of a future trip!

Upon purchasing “Yellowstone, and Other Stories!” Downloadable Four-Part National Parks Series you’ll receive a PDF document containing four different links to access and view these recordings. For just $59 U.S. you can have a front row seat for an in-depth experience of Yellowstone, Glacier and Grand Canyon national parks, which are on many people’s lifetime bucket lists to visit.

In each of the following episodes you’ll hear memorable stories of my own for that particular park.

I’ll also share other stories regarding how national parks bring people together, transcend barriers and boundaries. and illuminate the importance of education and stewardship in preserving these places for future generations.

Segment 1:  Greater Yellowstone: Wild Heart of the American West

Segment 2:  Greater Yellowstone: Birthplace of an American Idea

Segment 3:  Glacier Country: Crown of the Continent

Segment 4:  The Grand Canyon: Like No Place on Earth

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P.S. 🙂 Here are some enthusiastic testimonials to share with you…


My secondary school aged daughter had such a lovely time with this national parks series. These have always been her favorite places to deeply connect to the rhythms of the planet.

Time with you is allowing her to explore her Nature Self in another way. She’s come away from “Yellowstone, and Other Stories!” with an enthusiasm she hasn’t had in quite a while.

In deep gratitude,

Ashley Folsom,  California



Hobie Hare’s years of guiding shine through as he takes us on an incredible journey to some of our most iconic national parks.

The breadth of his knowledge allows for a deep and comprehensive look at Yellowstone, the world’s first national park and heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, along with Glacier and Grand Canyon national parks.

Along the way, Hobie shares what types of wildlife we can expect to see, the human history of these areas, and how the parks’ geologic history shapes the landscapes we experience and enjoy today.

I especially appreciate Hobie’s sharing how to be a responsible visitor and a good steward of these iconic global resources.

Ashea Mills
Walking Shadow Ecology Tours of Yellowstone



Hobie Hare’s inspiring video series is a great introduction to some of our most beloved national parks, prior to your visiting them!

Take a narrative journey in and around these parks, and visualize and learn what to expect before you travel. Hobie’s extensive knowledge and love for these places is deep and inspiring in this national parks series, which highlights breathtaking views and bucket list activities to consider when planning your own exciting getaway.

Sheila Cornwell

Montana Adventure Shuttle Owner and Operator




I had the great fortune of visiting Yellowstone 25 years ago, but through “Yellowstone, and Other Stories!” I realized how much I missed it!

I so appreciated learning about different national parks’ geology and wildlife, plus some of Hobie’s intimate experiences with the landscape. It really brought these parks to life for me! This has been a wonderful respite that has inspired me to explore Yellowstone and other places again.

Maureen Calamia, New York