Longtime friend and colleague Maureen Calamia recently launched “The Enchanted Earth” podcast, a platform well suited for conversations about deepening our connection with nature, ourselves, others, and the larger world.

I’ve watched several of these 25-minute episodes, and enjoyed the diversity of backgrounds, expertise and insights guests have shared and brought to Maureen’s growing audience and community.

In my particular episode (see link below), I enjoyed speaking with Maureen about working as a park service ranger and naturalist guide in Yellowstone, especially in winter, its longest and most unforgiving season.

It’s a time and place  few get to experience and get a glimpse of, and a rather otherworldly landscape surprisingly full of life both on, beneath and below the surface. Not surprisingly, Yellowstone only has about 400,000 annual winter visitors, in contrast to the million-plus visitors arriving in July, August and September alone.

In our conversation I also shared how dreams and other messages can profoundly impact our lives, and how nature is continually in communication with us, no matter where our feet are, provided we stay open and present.

Some of Maureen’s guests, including yours truly, will also share life-changing stories inspired by nature connection in an upcoming book she will be publishing, The Enchanted Earth.

Below you’ll find a link to our wide-ranging 25-minute interview on “The Enchanted Earth” podcast and feel free to share this with others.

All of Maureen’s  episodes are archived on her YouTube channel, so feel free to check out some of them as well!

And I’d also love to hear how our conversation resonated with you, too.

Watch and enjoy my interview on The Enchanted Earth podcast here:

Winter In Yellowstone with Hobie Hare-The Enchanted Earth Podcast